Tina Thadani kisses Honey Singh in her arms

Video: Tina Thadani kisses Honey Singh in her arms, fans quip ‘Yo Yo Nibba Singh’

Mumbai. Rapper singer Yo Yo Honey Singh has been in headlines for some time now for his girlfriend Tina Thadani. Honey Singh had introduced everyone to his girlfriend in a special way in the past. Now Honey has shared a new video on Instagram on the occasion of New Year. In this video, he is seen in a romantic mood with Tina. Along with this, he is also seen rapping. Fans are making different comments on this video of Honey.

Yo Yo Honey Singh With His GF Tina Thadani

In the video posted by Honey Singh on Instagram, he and Tina are seen having fun with each other. Tina is seen hugging Honey from behind. Along with this, they are also seen kissing. Honey is also seen in the mood and is seen singing ‘Meetha Paan’.

Watch The Video Of Tina Thadani Planti Kiss Of Honey Singh In a Yo Yo Way

Drunk sweet paan…

Ever since Tina’s entry in Honey’s life, they are looking very happy. He is often seen with Tina. Both of them also celebrated the New Year together. In the romantic video shared by Honey on New Year, he is seen singing ‘Meri Jaan Khati Meetha Paan’. Seeing this, some fans are even joking with him. A fan wrote, ‘Happy both sweet paan and new year to poet Honey Singh’. At the same time, one said, ‘There are ways to burn the ex-wife.’ A fan said, ‘Meetha paan nashe mein choor’.

honey singh

What Honey Singh Has To Say

Significantly, now Honey calls his life Honey 3.0. According to him, life has changed with the arrival of Tina. Tina has taught him to see life from a new perspective. Honey had told that he had met Tina in March last year.

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